Guaranteed compatible upgrades for:

Apple iMac Pro 2017 (Late) 18-core Xeon 2.3GHz 27-inch (Retina 5K) (iMacPro1,1)

System Specifications
Maximum Memory:
  • 128GB (advanced installation)
  • 4 Sockets
Standard Memory:
  • 32GB (8GB x4)
  • Intel Xeon 18-core 2.3GHz
Upgrade Path:
  • The RAM in this system is upgradeable to a maximum of 128GB (32GB x4), but it's a task that's for advanced users only. Follow the guides below closely.
  • Model Identifier: iMacPro1,1
  • Model A1862 (EMC 3144)


  • - RAM upgrade guide

  • RAM Upgrade

  • Upgrading the RAM in the new iMac Pro, although very doable with the right tools, guidance and considerable patience, is not a task for the novice user, but it sure beats paying nearly double the price for the same RAM from Apple. Having said that, you are probably not a novice, so read on for details.

  • To upgrade the RAM in this iMac, you’ll need the general servicing kit to open it up, and your choice of RAM upgrade shown on the left. Follow this guide to install the RAM modules.

  • At this stage there are no storage upgrades available for the iMac Pro.