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HP/Compaq Business Notebook 6710b

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System Specifications
Maximum Memory:
  • 4GB
  • 2 Sockets
Standard Memory:
  • 512MB (Removable) or
  • 1GB (Removable) or
  • 2GB (Removable) or
  • 4GB (Removable)
  • Intel Core 2 Duo Intel GM965
  • Intel Celeron Intel GM965
Bus Architecture:
  • SSD - SATA 2.5-inch 9.5mm; USB 2.0/3.x Type-A
Mfr's System P/N's:
  • AK544US; AK561US; AK575US; AK579US; AK635US; AK696US; AK703US; AK724US; AK735US; AK746US; AK749US; AK904US; AK913US; AK915US; AK923US; AK975US; AL006US; AL019US; AL053US; AL065US; AL105US; AL111US; AL113US; AL134US; AL138US; AL145US; AL155US; AL179US; AL252US; AL305US; AL306US; AL343US; AL360US; AL361US; CH335PC; GB879ES; GB886EA; GB886ET; GB887EA; GB887ET; GB888EA; GB888ET; GB889EA; GB889ET; GB890EA; GB890ET; GB891EA; GB891ET; GB892EA; GB892ET; GB893EA; GB893ET; GB894EA; GB894ET; GB895EA; GB895ET; GB896EA; GB896ET; GB898EA; GB898ET; GC015ET; GC016ET; GC019ET; GC038ES; GC044ES; GC045ES; GC063ES; GC065ES; GC072ES; GC091ES; GC092ES; GE771PA; GE821PA; GE822PA; GE823PA; GF926AW; GF927AW; GF929AW; GF930AW; GF932AA; GF933AA; GF934AA; GF935AA; GF936AA; GF937AA; GF938AT; GF939AT; GF940AT; GG530AA; GJ677LA; GJ678LA; GJ679LA; GK279US; GK353US; GL038PA; GL039PA; GL040PA; GL041PA; GL042PA; GL061PA; GL062PA; GL090PA; GL091PA; GL139AW; GL140AW; GL141AA; GL142AA; GL143AA; GM504PC; GM911PA; GM912PA;
Upgrade Path:
  • Virtually any configuration up to 4GB can be reached using any combination of 1 and 2GB modules.