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HP/Compaq Pro Series Desktop 3090

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System Specifications
Maximum Memory:
  • 4 GB using 32-bit OS
  • 8 GB using 64-bit OS
  • 4 Sockets
Standard Memory:
  • 2 GB (Removable) or
  • 4 GB (Removable) or
  • 6 GB (Removable)
  • Intel Core 2 Quad Intel G43
  • Intel Core 2 Duo Intel G43
  • Intel Pentium Intel G43
Bus Architecture:
  • PCI; PCI Express; SSD - SATA 2.5-inch 9.5mm; USB
Mfr's System P/N's:
  • A2P41PA; LD167PA; LE071PA; LE072PA; LE073PA; LE074PA; LE075PA; LE137PA; LK089PA; QB589PA; QB590PA; QB604PA; QB605PA; QF833PA; QF835PA; QG579PA; VY707AV; VY714AV; VY715AV; WL813PA; WL881PA; WL882PA; WL883PA; WL884PA; WL885PA; WL886PA; WL887PA; WL924PA; WL925PA; WM012PA; WM013PA; WM151PA; WM152PA; WM153PA; WM154PA; WM155PA; WM323PA; WM324PA; WM325PA; WM373PA; WM374PA; WM386PA; WM387PA; WM388PA; WM389PA; WV929PA; WW444PA; WX062PA; WX063PA; WX066PA; WX067PA; WX068PA; WX069PA; XT755PA; XT758PA; XT759PA; XT760PA; XT761PA; XT762PA; XT763PA; XU757PC; XX283PA
Upgrade Path:
  • Virtually any configuration up to 4GB can be reached using any combination of 1GB modules.
  • MODULES MAY BE INSTALLED ONE AT A TIME; however, they must be added in like pairs to take advantage of dual-channel support.
  • Some chipsets support maximum memory speed of 1066MT/s.
  • Maximum configurations require a 64-bit operating system