About RamCity



Who is RamCity?

RamCity is a niche supplier of computer memory and data storage upgrade components. From the Home to the Enterprise, we have over 14 years of experience supplying upgrades for Macs, desktops, laptops and server infrastructure.  We are a well established Australian owned and operated company, and have been serving the public since 2003. Our ACN is 140731077 and you can call us any time during business hours on 02 8320 0598.

We believe so strongly in the quality of our products, that we are the worlds first specialist upgrade supplier to offer a full 90-day Money-back Guarantee, combined with a lifetime warranty, on every memory upgrade product we sell. That is, you can return any memory upgrade product purchased to us, for any reason, up to 90 days from the date of purchase. (Hard Drives, Solid State Drives and Accessories are limited to 14 days.)

This combined with our fast shipping and outstanding customer support, makes us the sensible choice for memory and drive upgrades to PCs, Macs, Servers, Printers, and everything in-between.

Our Mission

Our mission is a simple one - we help people lilve happier and more productive lives.

Every day, people use technology for work, for entertainment, for learning, and a myriad of other reasons. Sometimes they have problems that can be solved using technology. When the technology in use is not performing optimally, it results in poor productivity, frustration, and stifled creativity.

Through the products and services we provide, we solve problems, restore optimal performance, and extend the useful life of technology, and ultimately bring joy to it's users where none previously existed.

Our Core Objective

We provide the right upgrade, fast, the first time.

Our Company Core Values

Here at RamCity we embrace seven core values, embodied in the following behaviours and skills, which our employees live by:

  1. Passion
    • You constantly strive to deliver extraordinary service to our customers
    • You inspire greatness in others through your thirst for excellence
    • You care intensely about the success of RamCity, now, and in the future
    • You play to win and have fun
  2. Honesty
    • You are quick to admit, and if possible, correct mistakes, whether made by us or a customer
  3. Courage
    • You question behaviour that is inconsistent with our values
    • You make tough decisions for the long term good without undue agonising
  4. Discipline
    • You operate with uncompromising integrity and professionalism
    • You strive to achieve the highest standards of excellence
  5. Communication
    • You communicate succinctly and get to the point quickly
    • You always treat others with respect, independent of their status or whether or not they agree with you
    • You share information openly and proactively
    • Your written and verbal communication is concise and articulate
    • You strive to achieve the highest standards of excellence
  6. Impact
    • You have a strong bias towards taking action over analysis-paralysis
    • You strive to output great results over just performing a lot of processes
    • You accomplish large amounts of important work
    • You find ways to simplify complex tasks
  7. Team
    • You only say things about other employees that you would say to them in person
    • You respect and trust each other
    • You consistently show strong performance such that other employees can rely on you
    • You manage performance firmly and fairly
    • You seek what is best for RamCity as a whole company, rather than just what is best for you or your group

Our People


Management Team


Rod Bland

CEO & Upgrade Evangelist

Picture of Rod Bland - CEO

My Job:

It's my job to keep our clients, employees and investors happy!

In a Previous Life:

I dropped out of Uni at 19, worked for Westpac for 3 years, then managed one of the first ISP's in Perth for a couple of years. After that I got a more serious job as a Systems Administrator and later Team Leader for Infomedia Ltd where I was for over 7 years. At the ripe old age of 32 I finally cashed in my savings to start RamCity. Now more than 14 years later I still can't wait to go to work every day.

Things I'm in to:

I'm a bit of a geek so I love gadgets and technical stuff. I also really enjoy being in business and trying to do better in at least one area each month. I like walking rather than driving, running and working out, and my favourite food is peanut M&M's. With two young children I don't have much spare time, but when I do I like to go snowboarding and travel overseas.


Frank Bradica

Service Team

My Job:

I'm a jack-of-all-trades here at RamCity's and you might deal with me on live chat, phone, or email.


April Twyford

Marketing Team

My Job:

I oversee all of RamCity's marketing activities and make great Nacho's!

Our Company History

www.ramcity.com.au is a website owned by RamCity Pty Ltd, ACN 140731077, an Australian company that has been in business since 2003.

Customer Service and Security

All our customers operate within a safe and secure shopping environment . Every customer detail is protected with GeoTrust SSL Certified 256-bit Encryption technology. This means you get absolute security and privacy when purchasing from RamCity.

If you need some additional assistance, just call 02 8320 0598 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, Sydney time or contact us via our website here. We strive to answer your e-mails within 6 business hours.

So enjoy your shopping experience here at www.ramcity.com.au, and we're confident you'll be very happy with your purchase.

Thank you for shopping with us!

Rod, Frank, Leonard, April, and the rest of the RamCity Team

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