Zip Money FAQ's

What is Zip Money?

Zip Money is a way to order any product(s) with a total order value over $1000 from RamCity without having to pay the whole amount up front. If your order value is $1000 or less, then Zip Pay is also available. We ship your order out as normal and you pay it off in weekly, fortnightly, or monthly at a schedule that suits you.

** Please note ** - Zip Money is not available for trade customers at this time.

Sounds great, now how does it work?

Simply add products to your shopping cart from the website, and when you get to the checkout page, fill in your details, then choose Zip Money as your payment option. After you click 'Confirm and Process Order', you will be taken to the Zip Money website to complete the transaction.

Do I pay more if I use Zip Money?

Some Zip Money accounts require a one-off set up fee, which is determined by your credit limit. Zip Money accounts also incur interest from 19.9% p.a., but the first 3 months is always interest free.

You can save paying any monthly account keeping fees by paying your balance on time. You will receive your statement on the first day the month following your purchase (which is why you get "up to 60 days" fee free). After this date, a $6 monthly fee will be added to your outstanding balance. The only time you would pay a fee is if you miss a payment. Please see the Zip Money - What is the monthly account keeping fee? page for further information.

When does my first payment get taken?

You decide when this happens. At a minimum you need to pay at least $40 per month on your outstanding Zip Money balance before the due date. 

Are payments deducted automatically?

Yes. When you open your account, Zip will set up a monthly payment of $40 (or less if the amount you owe is under $40). This will come from your linked debit card on the last day of each month and run until your purchases are paid off. The scheduled payment dates and amounts can be modified by logging in to your Zip Money account at

To avoid late fees, simply ensure that you have sufficient funds available on the credit or debit card used to ensure the scheduled payment is made successfully.

Is there a minimum order value?

You can apply for a Zip Money account if your total order value is over $1000AUD

Is there a maximum order value?

The maximum order value with which you can apply for with Zip Money is $20,000AUD. Note, this does not mean that Zip Money will approve you for the maximum limit when you apply, and is subject to their lending review process.

Can I use Zip Money on multiple orders?

You can apply to use Zip Money on multiple orders, so long as you don't exceed your account credit limit.

Who can use Zip Money?

Currently Zip Money is only available to Australian citizens or permanent residents over 18 years of age. You'll also need to have a PayPal, Facebook or LinkedIn account in your own name, as well as your own valid and verifiable email address and mobile number.

I ordered something using Zip Money but I need to return it for a refund, what do I do?

No problems! Just follow our usual return procedure.  If a refund is required, we instruct Zip Money to do the refund and they take care of the rest.  Any refunds will go back to your Zip Money account balance. If a refund puts your account into credit, you can contact the Zip Customer Care team at to arrange having the funds returned to you.

I want to pay my order off sooner, can I do this?

Yes! You can pay your order off early if you would like. Login directly on the Zip website to manage your payments.

Where else can I learn more about Zip Money?

Please see the the official Zip website page for the most up to date information.