512GB Fledging Feather M17 SSD for Macbook Pro 2016-2018

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The M17 Feather is the first of its kind, a complete SSD upgrade solution for MacBook Pro 2016-2018!

Only 13 inch non touchbar Macbook Pro 2016-18 models are upgradeable. All touchbar models have a soldered on SSD which can not be removed and upgraded.

Experience lightning-fast Read/Write speeds of 2200/1400 MB/s, increase your data storage capability, and improve the performance quality with the M17 Feather! Fledging SSD’s are designed with you in mind! Super simple installation makes upgrading your MacBook Pro easy so you don’t have to worry if you’re not a professional.

Important information to know about your new Feather M17 SSD. The SSD comes pre-formatted as APFS. There is no requirement to erase or initialise the SSD. The drive also has macOS pre-installed, so there is no need to use Recovery Mode to download macOS.

All tools and instructions required for installation are included. This is a complete kit, nothing else to buy.

How to start with a fresh macOS?

To start with a new macOS is as simple as installing the SSD and turning it on. The install process starts immediately and will guide you through the process.


How to transfer your old SSD onto the new M17 SSD

To transfer data or old system onto a new SSD you will need a Time Machine backup or clone to an external drive. 

  1. Remove old SSD and replace with the new SSD.
  2. Restart Mac
  3. After selecting country and keyboard type there is an option "Do you want to transfer your information?". Select "From a Mac, Time Machine backup"
  4. Make sure to plug in Time Machine or external disk with a clone
  5. Follow the steps to transfer your data and account onto the new SSD.

How to keep an older version of macOS?

This is only possible using a USB installer. You can only install Mojave or Catalina (SSD comes with Big Sur). 

  1. Install the SSD.
  2. Plug in the USB installer and hold down the Option key and restart the Mac.
  3. Go to Disk Utilities. Erase the SSD as APFS (this is removing the pre-installed macOS).
  4. Install your version of macOS.

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