Angelbird CFAST 2.0 Dual-Slot USB 3.1 Type-C Card Reader w/ USB-C and USB-A Cable

Angelbird CFAST 2.0 Dual-Slot USB 3.1 Type-C Card Reader w/ USB-C and USB-A Cable


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Angelbird CFAST 2.0 Dual-Slot USB 3.1 Type-C Card Reader w/ USB-C and USB-A Cable

Angelbird CFAST 2.0 Dual-Slot USB 3.1 Type-C Card Reader w/ USB-C and USB-A Cable
Key Specifications

  • Form Factor: Card Reader
  • Warranty: 1 yr
  • Condition: New

Upgrade your Workflow

The Angelbird CFAST 2.0 Dual-Slot USB 3.1 Type-C Card Reader w/ USB-C and USB-A Cable is designed to allow you to transfer data to and from CFast cards at the maximum possible speed. Featuring a USB 3.1 Type-C interface which is also directly compatible with Thunderbolt 3, you can plug this reader into any system with either a USB-C, USB-A or Thunderbolt 3 port and enjoy native CFast 2.0 (up to 6 Gb/s) performance.

*Note* CFast cards are not included with this product, but you can buy those here.

Designed with a high degree of tolerance to shocks and temperature fluctuations, Angelbird gives you amazing durability and a footprint the size of a credit card which you can take with you virtually anywhere you go. Additionally, this CFast 2.0 card reader comes with a hardware write-protect switch offering enhanced security to keep your important files safe and secure.

Blazing Fast Performance

Experience uncompromising performance at CFast 2.0 (up to 6 Gb/s). With two cards simultaneously installed, you can saturate the USB 3.1 Gen 2 10 Gb/s (1 GigaByte per second) interface, which is compatible with Thunderbolt 3 connectivity.

Bus Powered

Wall-power independent: ready for on-the-road use with no additional power source other than bus power from the host computer or hub needed.

Shock & Temperature Proof

The Angelbird CFast 2.0 dual card reader is housed in a precision CNC-worked aluminium case with a footprint no larger than a credit card. So robust it can withstand 2 tons of weight, it's the perfect tool for your daily production workflow in the office or on location.


With its USB 3.1 10 Gb/s interface and Type-C connectivity, this card reader is also compatible with Thunderbolt 3 ports. The package contains two types of cables, Type-C to Type-C and Type-C to Type-A.

Solid Connect = Durability

Angelbird's unique Solid Connect interface logic ensures connections won't wear out, delivering a stable and uninterrupted data transfers for a long time. Its CFast receptacles can withstand repeated insertion and removal, rated at up to 5000 plug cycles without degradation.

Write Protect

To prevent unwanted file deletion, a hardware write-protect switch has been designed into the product.

ESD & Overload Protection

Whether on-set, in the studio, or in the office, high static load and electrostatic discharge is present all the time. These additional features protect the media cards you use and the precious content.


Thorough testing has been done to ensure optimal compatibility with third-party CFast cards and host systems.

Key Features

  • Backward compatible with USB 3.0/2.0*
  • Separate cables allow connectivity to hosts with USB-C or USB-A ports
  • CFast 2.0 compliant
  • Stable Stream Technology
  • ESD & overload protection
  • Durable build
  • X-ray & magnetic proof
  • Bus powered - no power plug needed
*transfer performance is decreased on USB 2.0 systems

What's in the box

  • Angelbird Dual-slot CFAST 2.0 USB 3.1 Type-C/Type-A Memory Card Reader
  • 30cm USB-C to USB-C cable
  • 30cm USB-A to USB-C cable

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Angelbird Technologies GmbH is a privately held Austrian computer electronics company that designs and manufactures solid-state drives (SSDs) for both consumer and enterprise markets, including the fastest external SSD in the world. Founded in 2011, Angelbird currently runs distribution centres in three countries (the US, Austria, and Italy), and ships worldwide. Austria was chosen as the company headquarters because of its rapidly expanding tech industry. Unusually, Angelbird handles all stages of development and manufacture of its products in-house.