Is My Factory Warranty Safe?

By +Rod Bland

All Memory, Hard Disk, Solid State Drive and accessory upgrades sold by RamCity are covered by either a lifetime warranty (for memory modules) or a full manufacturers warranty. They are manufactured to the same standards as the memory modules and other user replaceable components installed in your computer from the factory.

People often ask us, will installing third party memory modules, hard drives, or solid state drives void my original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranty?

The answer is simple: Installing the correct RamCity-supplied memory module, hard drive or SSD, will not void your OEM warranty.

Extracts from the OEM warranty statements of some of the leading Desktop, Laptop and Server manufacturers are listed below:


Extracted directly from the Apple website in 2011:

"You may install memory (RAM, VRAM), and other customer-installable parts without voiding your Apple warranty..."


"Adding third-party memory or disk drives does not void the warranty...."

The full HP Warranty Support document is here.


"Adding third-party items does not void the IBM Machine warranty..."

The full IBM machine warranty FAQ is here.


"Adding software, external devices, accessories, or parts to your Dell computer after it has been shipped from Dell will not void Dell's limited warranty..."

The full Dell Customer Care document 167008 is here.

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