Premium Vs Generic Memory

By +Rod Bland

Picture of various types of computer memory
Various types of computer memory

Quality and Reliability

When it comes to upgrading your system, you need to know that the memory modules you are purchasing will last the lifetime of your computer with trouble-free operation.

Here at RamCity, our lifetime warranty and 90-Day Money-back guarantee is your assurance that every module we sell must be of the highest quality. That's why we only source and supply brands like Samsung, Crucial (Micron), Hynix and specialist Apple memory from Mushkin.

The Problem with Generic memory...

Generic memory suppliers rely on using cheaper untested chips, or those which failed to operate at a specific standard to maintain a competitive pricing edge. Inevitably though, generic modules have much higher failure rates and are more often incompatible than premium modules.

Every memory upgrade we sell has passed stringent factory tests for quality and proper operation in your computer, and comes with a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing faults or defects. In addition, if you change your mind, ordered the wrong upgrade, need a larger one, etc, our industry leading 90 Day Money-back guarantee provides real peace of mind.


Think that all memory, no matter the brand, is equal? Think again. Even amongst high quality brands, compatibility can be an issue, which explains why one module will work in a particular system, and another apparently identical module will not.

Here at RamCity we've amassed an enormous amount of data on systems and the modules which will work in them. That's why when you buy from us and use our Upgrade Finder, we'll only show you the modules which are guaranteed to work, or your money back.


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Guaranteed 100% Compatibility - or your Money Back!

Without a doubt, compatibility is the most important factor in buying a RAM or storage upgrade for your laptop or computer, and not all upgrades are created equal. Your RAM, SSD, HDD or accessory must be compatible with your system — or it simply won't work.

Using the RamCity Upgrade Finder is the surest way to ensure that the upgrade you purchase has been lab tested to ensure 100% compatibility. 100% guaranteed. Or your money back. Read more about our guarantee