1TB OWC Aura Pro NT for Macbook Pro non touch bar 2016-2017


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  • Spacious: Store and access all your data with up to 16x more capacity vs factory-installed drive options
  • Pro-Level Performance: Up to 2720MB/s for faster A/V workflows, back-ups, app/gaming load times, system responsiveness, and more
  • Advanced Technology: The latest flash management design for the highest reliability, the best performance, and incredible longevity
  • Protects Your Data: Includes Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, the only personal data management solution available that combines backup and ransomware protection
  • Complete: Includes tools for easy DIY install

Happy Mac...Happy Life
Your MacBook Pro’s factory SSD has served you well. But today’s apps and OS updates require more install space. Video and photo resolutions are increasing, making files bigger. By the time you toss in your music, emails, and other aspects of daily digital life, your drive is nearly full…or will be soon. You’re left with two undesirable choices: deleting older files so you don’t max out your drive’s capacity or replacing your trusty machine.
The best choice for your MacBook Pro is a bigger SSD. Aura Pro NT is a perfect choice, it is a high-performance SSD that will keep your Mac running for years without the cost of buying a new Macbook pro!

You bought the Porsche of computers
Using an external drive or cloud storage will make performance suffer. It will have lower throughput, higher latency, and misplaced files. The Aura Pro NT makes your MacBook Pro work for you… not the other way around. It puts all your Lightroom catalogs, audio sample libraries, 4K video footage, and games at your fingertips for immediate access with consistently incredible performance.

How to upgrade with an Aura Pro NT
Quick answer: the upgrade is relatively easy. Shut down your Macbook Pro. Remove the old SSD (we provide tools and instructions). Install new SSD. Plug-in Time Machine. Restart the Macbook Pro by holding down the "option" key. When OS Utilities page appears, use Disk Utilities to erase the SSD as APFS. Then restore from Time Machine.
What if I don't have a Time Machine? We have a "solution" version that includes an external hard drive to create a Time Machine before you install the SSD.
Can I clone on onto the new SSD? No. The SSD is proprietary and there is no way to clone on onto the new SSD from your Mac.
Is there any other way to clone my data? You can reinstall macOS via restarting your Mac by holding down Option + Command + R. That will install Monterey. Use data migration assistant to move data from a Time Machine or a clone on an external hard drive.

How to install a new macOS onto an Aura Pro NT
Quick answer: To get the latest macOS, restart your Mac by holding down Option + Command + R. When OS Utilities page appears, use Disk Utilities to erase the SSD as APFS. Then install macOS Monterey. If you want a different macOS create or buy a macOS USB installer.
Can I clone Big Sur or Monterey macOS? No. Big Sur and Monterey have a new Apple protocol of an Apple signed OS. This means only an Apple signed OS will boot. A cloned OS will not boot. A restore from Time Machine is a signed OS and will boot.

What is included?
(1) OWC Aura Pro NT SSD
(1) OWC Pentalobe P5 Screwdriver
(1) OWC Torx T5 Screwdriver
(1) OWC Guitar Pick Tool
(1) NewerTech Nylon Probe (Spudger)
(1) OWC 40MM Suction Cup
(1) Quick Start Guide
5 Year OWC Limited Warranty

CAPACITY: 960GB Useable Capacity
Total Flash Memory Components: 1024GB
64GB Allocated to real-time data redundancy and error correction


macOS 10.14 Mojave
macOS 10.15 Catalina
macOS 11.x Big Sur
macOS 12.x Monterey