WD Red Pro 6TB 7200RPM 128MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" NAS Internal Hard Drive


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3.5-Inch | SATA III | Intellipower | Up to 128MB Cache

THE right hard drive for medium to large scale NAS environments.


NASware 3.0 compatibility

NASware - WD's advanced firmware technology built into every WD Red Pro drive, enables seamless integration, robust data protection and optimal performance for systems operating in larger NAS and RAID environments.

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Energy efficient and money saving

Reduce your electricity bill and carbon footprint with WD Red Pro drives. Innovative technology reduces power consumption and lowers the operating temperature, resulting in a more reliable and affordable solution for large scale, always-on, 24x7 NAS.

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Your data is vital. Don't compromise on your storage solution

WD Red Pro hard drives are designed specifically for up to 16-bay medium to large scale NAS environments. WD's exclusive NASware technology enables seamless integration, robust data protection and optimal performance.

Compatibility - WD's exclusive NASware technology, built into every WD Red Pro hard drive

NASware improves NAS storage by reducing common hard drive concerns in NAS systems including compatibility, integration, ability to upgrade, reliability and cost of ownership.

Error recovery controls

Standard Desktop and Notebook drives are not traditionally designed for RAID environments and have controls that prevent the RAID controller from assisting in the event of an error which can cause the hard drive to drop off the RAID after a period of time. Rebuilding the system often requires several hours and can have a significant impact on downtime and productivity.

Reduced noise and vibration

Typically designed for single drive applications, average desktop and notebook drives are not optimised for multi-drive systems, which have higher noise and vibration levels. When these drives are added to a NAS, the additional vibration can reduce the reliability and life span of the drive. WD Red Pro drives feature 3D Active Balance Plus which minimises vibration and noise.

Larger NAS Bay Shock Protection

A multi-axis shock sensor automatically detects subtle shock events that may occur in larger NAS environments and when combined with dynamic fly height technology, helps to adjust each read-write function to compensate for increased vibrations and protect data.


Desktop hard drives are designed for desktop computers

Desktop hard drives are designed for optimum performance and reliability in a desktop personal computer. Although they are an affordable alternative to enterprise-class drives, desktop drives have a higher level of risk for potential data loss and failure in an always-on RAID configured NAS system. Specific issues that you may experience using desktop drives in a NAS or RAID environment include:

Compatibility - Desktop hard drives are not always tested for compatibility in NAS and can present problems during integration.

Reliability - Most desktop drives are not designed for the high operation temperatures or the 24x7 operating environments making them less reliable when used in a NAS system.

Beyond desktop with NASware

WD Red Pro drives include WD's exclusive NASware technology that addresses many of the challenges a traditional desktop hard drive has in a NAS system. WD works directly with our partners to test compatibility and reduce our customer's guess work as to which drive is right for their NAS system. Designed to deliver a better customer experience in small NAS systems, this innovative firmware finely balances the most important attributes of performance, power, and reliability in multiple drive environments. The unique algorithms in NASware optimize power and performance without compromising on the attributes that NAS-system owners value.

Intelligent error recovery

With built in intelligent error recovery controls, NASware also prevents hard drives from being dropped off the RAID due to extended error recovery. This provides more availability and less down time rebuilding the RAID.

Important Features for System Integrators:

In addition to features that make WD Red drives perfect for populating or upgrading NAS systems, NASware brings features that system integrators need when building specialized NAS systems.

  • Streaming support - NASware provides built-in compatibility with the ATA Streaming Feature Set which is important for AV storage applications such as Windows Media Center.
  • SMART Command Transport (SCT) support - NASware allows monitoring and measuring of drive performance via the SMART command set. SMART can return data like thermal profiles, drive access statistics and more. NASware also delivers temperature accuracy within 1°C.
  • Power management support - Enables optimized power usage within the NAS system.
  • Best-in-class Performance - Optimized seek to provide BIC performance while reducing the power and acoustics

What's in the package

  • WD Red Pro Hard drive in anti-static bag

Note: This is a bare drive and does not include any cables. We also have spare SATA cables for desktops.

Ideal for

  • Up to 16 bay medium to large-scale NAS environments
  • Also great if you want the very best for your at home NAS!


  • Works with Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP/2000, Linux and Mac operating systems
  • The 3.5" WD Red Pro model fits in any 3.5" drive bay with at least 26mm height, and all portable external desktop drive enclosures with 3.5" drive bays.

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Specifically designed and tested for small office and home office, 1-5 bay NAS systems.
Enterprise servers, storage, and other write-intensive applications
Video Surveillance Systems - DVR's and NVR's
Specifically designed and tested for larger scale, up to 16 bay NAS systems.
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1-6 TB
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