Guaranteed compatible upgrades for:

HP/Compaq Evo Business Desktop dc5000 c500S/c500M

System Specifications
Maximum Memory:
  • 4GB
  • 4 Sockets
Standard Memory:
  • 128MB (Removable) or
  • 256MB (Removable) or
  • 512MB (Removable) or
  • 1GB (Removable)
  • Intel Pentium 4 3 GHz Intel 865GV
  • Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz Intel 865GV
  • Intel Celeron 2.6 GHz Intel 865GV
  • Intel Celeron 2.8 GHz Intel 865GV
Bus Architecture:
  • PCI; USB
Mfr's System P/N's:
  • PB190US; PB462A; PB463A; PB464A; PB465A; PB466A; PB467A; PB468A; PB469A; PB470A; PB471A; PB472A; PB473A; PB475A; PB476A; PB477A; PB478A; PB479A; PB480A; PB481A; PB483A; PB484A; PB485A; PB518A; PB519A; PB754A; PB756A; PB757A; PB760A; PB761A; PB764A; PB765A; PB766A; PB768A; PB769A; PB776A; PH880P; PH881P; PH882P; PH883P; PH884P; PJ101UA; PJ102UA; PJ103UA; PJ104UA; PJ108US; PJ108UT; PJ110US; PJ351UA; PJ356UA; PJ357UA; PL040ET; PL041ET; PL042ET; PL043ET; PM526PA
Upgrade Path:
  • Virtually any configuration up to 4GB can be reached using any combination of 512MB and 1GB modules.
  • Systems shipped with 800MHz FSB processors are recommended to use DDR400 (KTH-D530/xxx) parts.
  • Systems shipped with 533MHz FSB processors should use DDR333 (KTC-D320/xxx) parts.
  • When running at 800MHz FSB, DDR333 will clock at 320MHz only.
  • MODULES MAY BE INSTALLED ONE AT A TIME; however, they must be added in like pairs to take advantage of dual channel mode.
  • System is configurable and may ship with a different amount, or configuration, of standard memory.