Guaranteed compatible upgrades for:

Toshiba Portege M200 (PPM20A-00LG4)

System Specifications
Maximum Memory:
  • 2GB
  • 2 Sockets for SODIMMs 1 Slot for SecureDigital (SD)
Standard Memory:
  • 256MB (Removable) or
  • 512MB (Removable) or
  • 1GB (Removable)
  • Intel Pentium M 1.6 GHz Intel 855PM
  • Intel Pentium M 2 GHz Intel 855PM
Bus Architecture:
  • Flash - Secure Digital; PC Card; USB
Mfr's System P/N's:
  • PPM20A-00LG4; PPM20A-00LG43; PPM20A-0822V; PPM20C-0086E; PPM20C-0086EF; PPM20E-0053C-FR; PPM20E-081H3-S4; PPM20U-004C94; PPM20U-004CD4; PPM20U-004D94; PPM20U-004J94; PPM20U-004JD4; PPM20U-004KD4; PPM20U-004QD4; PPM20U-004RD4; PPM20U-004S94; PPM20U-0060D4; PPM20U-0066D4; PPM20U-006994; PPM20U-006E94; PPM20U-007S94; PPM20U-008U94; PPM20U-008WD4; PPM20U-00CZK4; PPM20U-00F054; PPM20U-00HR74; PPM20U-01DUF4; PPM20U-01FV24; PPM20U-07TJR4; PPM20U-07TR94; PPM20U-07UC14; PPM20U-07UFT4; PPM20U-07UGR4; PPM20U-07UGR4S; PPM20U-07UGSK; PPM20U-07UHS4; PPM20U-08CDT4; PPM21A-02R89; PPM21A-0P8ZP; PPM21A-16K0P; PPM21C-027QF; PPM21C-027QFF; PPM21C-16MKV; PPM21C-16MKVF; PPM21E-0260Z-1D; PPM21E-0260Z-EN; PPM21E-0260Z-GR; PPM21E-02M4Z-BE; PPM21E-02M4Z-FR; PPM21E-02M4Z-GR; PPM21E-02TQZ-1D; PPM21E-02TQZ-BE; PPM21E-0SFCV-EN; PPM21E-0SG53-IT; PPM21E-16FWM-1D; PPM21E-1HY2D-EN; PPM21U-02LDD4; PPM21U-038H54; PPM21U-03KHY4; PPM21U-049U34; PPM21U-04FM04; PPM21U-07UEV8; PPM2OU-08E7T4S
Upgrade Path:
  • Virtually any configuration up to 2GB can be reached using any combination of 256, 512MB, and 1GB modules.