Guaranteed compatible upgrades for:

Toshiba Tecra M Series M1/S1 (PPM10U-001QD7)

System Specifications
Maximum Memory:
  • 2GB
  • 2 Sockets
Standard Memory:
  • 128MB (Removable)
  • Intel Pentium M 1.4 GHz Intel 855PM
  • Intel Pentium M 2 GHz Intel 855PM
Bus Architecture:
  • PC Card
Mfr's System P/N's:
  • PPM10U-001QD7; PT831A-67CS7; PT831A-67CS8; PT831A-67CS9; PT831A-67CSR; PT831A-67CSS; PT831A-67CST; PT831A-67CT0; PT831A-67CT1; PT831A-67CT2; PT831C-0ZQ3V; PT831C-0ZQ4Z; PT831C-103JL; PT831C-118RV; PT831C-118SZ; PT831C-11CWL; PT831C-11Q4L; PT831C-11UDL; PT831C-13EZL; PT831C-2VT6L; PT831C-2VT6LF; PT831C-30QW6; PT831C-30QW6F; PT831C-67CSG; PT831C-67CSU; PT831C-67CSW; PT831C-67CTN; PT831C-67CTP; PT831C-67CU2; PT831C-67CU3; PT831C-67CUN; PT831E-1035Q-FR; PT831E-1035Q-GR; PT831E-107EQ-GR; PT831E-11U0Q-GR; PT831E-126PQ-GR; PT831E-138FQ-GR; PT831E-139UQ-GR; PT831E-13ENQ-GR; PT831E-13QHQ-GR; PT831E-13T42-FR; PT831E-14G0C-FR; PT831E-14UPC-GR; PT831E-14UQG-GR; PT831E-1DCEE-GR; PT831E-67CT4-GR; PT831E-67CT7-GR; PT831E-67CT8-FR; PT831E-67CT8-GR; PT831E-67CTC-GR; PT831E-67CTD-GR; PT831E-67CTJ-FR; PT831E-67CTK-FR; PT831E-67CTL-GR; PT831E-67CUC-FR; PT831E-67CUD-GR; PT831E-67CUF-FR; PT831L-009FN; PT831L-102SY; PT831L-11Q4L; PT831U-102T97; PT831U-103567; PT831U-107RX0; PT831U-107SH7; PT831U-13CE30; PT8
Upgrade Path:
  • Virtually any configuration up to 2GB can be reached using any combination of 256, 512MB, and 1GB modules.
  • KTT3614/xxx (266) and KTT3311/xxx (333) are both supported for this system, and can be mixed, but will only run at 266MHz no matter what is installed.