iFixit 9.5 mm PATA Optical Bay SATA HDD/SSD Enclosure

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iFixit 9.5 mm PATA Optical Bay SATA HDD/SSD Enclosure

iFixit 9.5 mm PATA Optical Bay SATA HDD/SSD Enclosure
Key Specifications

  • Form Factor: Optical Bay HDD/SSD Enclosure
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Condition: New

You can now have two hard drives in your laptop, Mac Mini and iMac! By replacing your optical drive, you can install up to a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive drive or 2.5-inch SSD in this enclosure to increase your available storage space. This drive also is available via Target Disk Mode when connected to another Mac using Firewire.

Optical Bay is 9.5 mm tall. Accepts 2.5 inch SATA hard drives / solid state drives up to 9.5 mm in height.

Please Note - This enclosure does not work with ATA drives or drives taller than 9.5mm.


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  • 15" MacBook Pro models: MacBookPro3,1 | MacBookPro4,1 (installation guide)
  • MacBook1,1 and MacBook2,1


You will need the following recommended tools to install this product.


iFixit is a private company in San Luis Obispo, California. Founded in 2003 while the founders were attending Cal Poly, the company sells repair parts and publishes free wiki-like online repair guides for consumer electronics and gadgets on its web site. Founder Kyle Wiens aims to reduce electronic waste by teaching people to repair their own gear and offering tools, parts, and a forum to discuss repairs.

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