Cleanwirth 50cm x 60cm Pure Natural Rubber Anti-Static (ESD) Mat w/ ground clip


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Cleanwirth 50cm x 60cm Pure Natural Rubber Anti-Static (ESD) Mat w/ ground clip



This handy anti-static mat is a must for protecting sensitive electronic equipment from a harmful Electrostatic discharge (ESD). It allows your body and all of the equipment you are working on to be at the same voltage potential. Mats in smaller or larger sizes are also available.

It also doubles as a very handy non-slip surface for doing any electronic repairs on, including soldering, gluing and other kinds of work.

Not all ESD mats are equal, and in particular these mats have the following distinguishing features:

  • Made from long-life high quality pure rubber
  • Due to the use of just pure rubber in the manufacturing process, with no additional PVC, this mat has virtually no detectable smell at all, compared to other ESD mats which can have quite a strong rubber smell when first delivered.
  • Much higher resistance to heat (300C) and cold (-70C), acid, alkili, and oil than other mats.

It has a built-in grounding clip which allows you to easily attach to a grounded structure like a metal bench or earth grounding point.

What's in the package

  • 1x Cleanwirth 50cm x 60cm Pure Natural Rubber Anti-Static (ESD) Mat w/ ground clip (Blue color)
  • 1x grounding cable with stud clip so it can be attached securely to the mat one end, and an alligator clip on the other end for attaching to a bench or other grounded structure if one is available. (Blue color)

Mat properties

  • Top Surface resistance: 106~109Ω (Dissipative)
  • Bottom Surface resistance: 103~105Ω (Conductive)
  • Static dissipation time: less than 0.1s
  • Rate of friction loss: less than 0.02g/cm2
  • Heat resistant to 300C (no defects up to 250C, slight defect at 300C, discoloration at 350C, burnt at 400C)
  • Resistant to cold up to -70C
  • Resistant to Acid, Alkali, and Oil
  • Made with natural rubber (no additional PVC). Does not contain S, Hg, NH3+Pb

So that you can maintain constant contact with the mat and remain ESD-free, you'll also need this Anti-static wrist strap. Simply fit the ESD strap around your wrist, and clip it to the edge of the mat with the included alligator clip.

If you are looking for a more portable alternative to this anti-static mat with pockets to stuff tools in, see the portable anti-static mat.