iFixit 50cm x 60cm Anti-Static Mat

iFixit 50cm x 60cm Anti-Static Mat

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The Best Protection Against ESD

This handy anti-static mat is a must for protecting sensitive electronic equipment such as RAM, SSD's and hard drives from a harmful Electrostatic discharge (ESD). It allows your body and all of the equipment you are working on to be at the same voltage potential.

It has a built-in grounding clip which allows you to easily attach to a grounded structure like a metal bench or earth grounding point.

So that you can maintain constant contact with the mat and remain ESD-free, you'll also need this Anti-static Wrist Strap. Simply clip the ESD wrist strap to the edge of the mat with the included alligator clip.

In a 50cm x 60cm size, it's big enough to handle upgrading all of your favourite devices and systems, from iPhones to 27-inch iMacs to larger-cased servers.

If you are looking for a less-stationary alternative to this anti-static mat, see the portable anti-static mat

  • Anti-static mat (50cmx60cm)
  • Grounding lead and clip
  • **Note, the wrist strap is not included with this product. You can buy one here

iFixit 50cm x 60cm Anti-Static Mat Video



iFixit is a private company in San Luis Obispo, California. Founded in 2003 while the founders were attending Cal Poly, the company sells repair parts and publishes free wiki-like online repair guides for consumer electronics and gadgets on its web site. Founder Kyle Wiens aims to reduce electronic waste by teaching people to repair their own gear and offering tools, parts, and a forum to discuss repairs.