Guaranteed compatible upgrades for:

Apple MacBook Pro 2011 (Early) Core i7 2.7 GHz 13-inch (MacBookPro8,1)

System Specifications
Maximum Memory:
  • 8GB (Original Apple Specs)
  • 16GB (using OSX 10.7.5 or later, confirmed by 100's of our customers)
  • 2 Sockets
Standard Memory:
  • 4 GB (Removable)
  • Intel Core i7 2.7 GHz Intel HM67
Bus Architecture:
  • Flash - SDXC; SSD - SATA 2.5-inch 9.5mm
Mfr's System P/N's:
  • MC700B/A; MC700D/A; MC700DK/A; MC700F/A; MC700FN/A; MC700H/A; MC700K/A; MC700LL/A; MC700N/A; MC700S/A; MC700SM/A; MC700T/A; MC724B/A; MC724D/A; MC724F/A; MC724FN/A; MC724H/A; MC724K/A; MC724LL/A; MC724N/A; MC724S/A; MC724T/A
Upgrade Path:
  • Virtually any configuration up to 16GB can be reached using 2, 4 and 8GB modules.
  • MacBookPro8,1 13-inch Early-2011 A1278 EMC 2419


  • - RAM upgrade guide
  • - HDD/SSD upgrade guide
  • - Dual HDD/SSD install guide
  • - Battery replacement

  • RAM Upgrade

  • Although Apple only officially supports 8GB total installed RAM, this MacBook Pro can actually be upgraded to a maximum of 16GB (8GB + 8GB) of RAM, which we have confirmed with many 100's of our customers. Choose your ram modules on the left. All the tools you'll need are in the Essential Electronics Toolkit and an Medium Anti-static mat is also recommended. Then follow this guide to install the RAM.

  • HDD->HDD / SSD

  • By default, this model is configured with a 500GB 2.5-inch hard drive connected to 6.0Gb/s SATA port. To upgrade the existing 2.5-inch HDD to a larger capacity HDD or high performance SSD, purchase the same tools as for the RAM upgrade above, and follow this guide. Plus you’ll need a larger 2.5-inch HDD or 2.5-inch SSD.

  • To clone your existing OS/app setup first, purchase a cloning cable or 2.5-inch HDD/SDD enclosure to connect your new SSD to your mac, then use the Super Duper app to perform the clone, then switch the drives. You can keep your old 2.5-inch HDD in the enclosure for external storage.


  • Adding a second drive requires replacement of the existing DVD-drive using this Dual Drive Kit, which also contains all of the required tools and driver bits. Follow this guide to do the installation. And of course, you’ll need a larger 2.5-inch HDD or 2.5-inch SSD.


  • A Battery replacement is available for this system (see the bottom of the product page for installation video).